Join the Electrogenic family!


We, at Electrogenic, are looking for skilled and passionate music lovers to be a part of our promotional team. As a team member, you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the music industry, promote talented artists, and consistently attend events. However, most importantly, you will have the opportunity to meet amazing like minded people, make genuine connections and build a strong nurturing network.

Electrogenic is more than just a company, it’s a family!

Electrogenic is made up of intelligent, creative, driven and all around beautiful individuals; coming together to share with others, a sense of togetherness and unity through art, media, and events. As a team, we aspire to help people find music, art and experiences which brings them joy and revitalization from life’s struggles and stress to recharge them to pursue their life path . We also aspire to help those who have a strong passion and talent get the opportunities to succeed in the music industry and grow as artists and individuals.


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