Electrogenic has successfully organized events of up to 1,500 people and as well as many club nights, art galleries, and more. Through our experience, we have gained valuable insight on how to properly fuse together the important aspects which make an event successful. We provide a variety of services to fulfill your event’s needs. The Electrogenic network includes trained audio and visual specialists who can guarantee your event sounds and looks exactly as you need. Stage installation is an Electrogenic specialty, our team of architects and engineers create unique and customized stages and installations for your event. We have a full team of photographers and videographers who are committed to capture those memorable moments. Diverse and willing to get into those hard to reach locations, our media will not only be clean and clear, but also from those rare angles that will wow.

We pride ourselves on hosting wholesome events with interactive atmospheres. You are not hiring us for our abilities to build and create structures, but for our unique creative aspects which come from years of experience. 

Contact Electrogenic at electrogenicmedia@gmail.com for personalized agendas and rates.