Chas Bronz is one of the more versatile producers in the industry. Rather than limiting himself to a “trademark sound”, Bronz slips his fingers into multiple genres such as House, Deep House, Funk, Disco, and Hip Hop. Chas has done it all. Coupled with a vast knowledge and experience of music, his passion shines through to reveal his inherent curiosity with the various forms of music.

Ever since he firsts watched Stevie Ray vaughn’s performance of “you better leave my girl alone” he was hooked to wanting to play guitar and be able to convey an emotional story through music. Whether it was teaching guitar lessons or play hours after school learning songs off the radio; music became a daily part of life. Chas developed his passion further by studying music synthesis and audio engineering at Berklee College of Music in Boston. With the experienced from a well rounded music career from teacher, producer, and session player, Chas has advanced to the next level as a solo producer and group collaborator with rave reviews.

Chas’ collaborations include: Long Distance Analog on Mullet Recordings ( which saw Chas and Curtis’s exposure onto Hed-Kandi), Graceful Exit with Walter Jones ( which was quickly scooped up by American house/disco honchos DFA), Slovenian disco legend Sare Havlicek, (creating the duo Trans-atlantic Disco Alliance with releases on UK’s disco powerhouse label Nang). Chas also joined Shawn Mac in 2010 to create Casual Encounters, remixing the likes of Penguin Prison, Drop Out Orchestra, Dana Bergquist & Peder G, and being remixed by Rayko, Patrick Alavi, Drop Out Orchestra, Walter Jones, and many more.

Due to the success of his guitar solo in “Love Only You”, Chas’ was recruited by Chuck “Da Fonk” Fishman of Parliament Funkadelic to come play for his long time funk hero George Clinton’s 73 Birthday. After spending a week at George’s studio in Tallahassee, FL, Chas’ guitar skills were pushed to their limits, and the group declared that “this white boy can sure get down on the Funk”, decidedly making him an official member of Parliament Funkadelic.

Chas Bronz latest project with the super group FSQ, made up of Chuck “Da Fonk” Fishman, Sa´D “The Hourchild” Ali, Matt “One Era” Coogan and G Koop, has produced multiple hits including Winter 2014 first release on Soul Clap records, the “Zulu Congo Call” EP which was featured on Pete Tong’s Radio One.



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