Boston, MA

Skill Set:

  • Sculptural design and fabrication
  • Steel Welding: sculptural builds
  • Castings: plastics, rubber, foam, plaster, wax, & cement
  • Metal, Paper, & Ceramic sculpture
  • Woodwork
  • 3D and 2D visionary artist



I am a fabrication specialist for event planning and design company Revel, located here in Boston.  Outside of the fabrication field I work in a variety of media from ceramic, to resin, bronze and aluminum, to bone, feather, and wood.  I was trained to understand, interpret, and re-articulate the skeletal anatomy of much wildlife during years of archeological expeditions throughout the Maine woods.  By digging in the soil, searching for clues to better understand our collective human past, my work has become fused with a notion of time as the ultimate orchestrator of all things.  I draw from the mysteries of the past; from the desiccated roots of a great first growth tree, or in the corroded vertebra and skull of a deer that died winters ago. Working specifically with the anatomy of life, I create hyper realistic skeletal systems that mimic concepts fossilized within our cultural zeitgeist to generate questions about how we live and die and what it means to be human.

I have the ability to bring to life what others dream. That being, my intention is to draw upon the collective brilliance of those around me to create sculptural works of equal magnitude.  I believe in the strength of numbers and, when working in harmony with one another, the intrinsic power within what we manifest.






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