Jonathan Belfontaine, otherwise known as Outlet, was destined to make music from the very beginning. At the young age of 13, Jon was given a guitar by a neighbor. Soon afterward, he stumbled upon a broken amp, took it apart and put it back together into working condition, his drive for music was strong enough for him to learn amp repair before learning an A cord. How Jon learned guitar and music in general began with the records of his parents, tapes and the radio these were Jon’s main teachers, he trained himself to pick out notes, and play along with any song. Over the years, he’s really had fun with this idea of learning any song “first pass”, as he calls it he is often found playing along to different radio stations and sitting in with various bands when ever they let him jam with them. Jon has been a member of many different rock bands, most notably the groups Hate Radio, Something and Mantra, but his musical interest never stopped at just the guitar, always picking up a bass or a set of drumsticks. He’s been known to show up at blues Jams and leave his guitar in the car walking in with drum sticks and rock the kit for a few. While being influenced in different genres of rock, he also became deeply integrated into the electronic scene. The idea of blending so many of his favorite musical styles and the limitless ideas that can come from a pair of headphones and a synthesizer was all it took to spark his interest in EDM. Summer of 1997 he bought his first 16 track sequencer and was learning the ropes, experimenting with making music from scratch that was all his own, with psychedelic melodies and hypnotic tones, empowered with heavy bass lines. If you look for it you’ll find some of these early Outlet sessions online. After a brief hiatus starting in 2007, his burning passion was reignited when he and his soul mate Elisabeth Marcoux went to 2008’s Rothbury Music Festival in Michigan. Hearing the mind blowing artists perform with such love and high energy, and being immersed in the unified and uplifted crowd, sparked Jon’s need to make music again. The discovery of Ableton Live, allowed him to explode into creativity again, being a ten year veteran to digital computer software such as Cubase and Cakewalk, Ableton’s cutting edgeness really allowed Jon to dive right into it this time integrating the sounds of hip hop, soul, funk and trance. He has now been producing a dance oriented, groove inspired, glitchy style of music that is energetic, passionate and fun. Of course, infusing his positive vibrations healing frequencies and inspiring light, baked into every morsel of each tantalizing song. The concoction of organic sounds whipped and blended with original bass lines and drum patterns, along with his ability to manipulate the texture and flavor of each synthesized note will leave the listener delighted in savoring every delicious layer baked into every song!

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